Using titles to make sure you have enough experienced volunteers


"Titles" can be used to divide your ministers based on attributes such as experience level, age, or gender. Ministers can then be scheduled based on their title according to rules you set up. This come in particularly handy when you want to make sure that you always have at least once experienced volunteer at each service. 

  1. Go into the Ministries Pane, select the ministry for which you would like to make titles and click "Edit Ministry..."
  2. At the bottom of the window, check the box that says "Use titles to qualify volunteers in this ministry...". In the window that appears, you can create the titles you want to use to designate ministers. We are using Experienced and Inexperienced in this example, but you may choose to use Trained and New or any other designation that makes sense for your ministry. 
  3. Once you create titles, all the ministers will be auto-assigned to one title. You can use the Control key to select and double-click on multiple ministers at a time and to toggle between the different titles
    or these can be updated in the Volunteers pane by editing the Ministry Qualification section of the volunteer profile
  4. After assigning all of your volunteers a title, go to the Service Times pane and edit the services you want to set "Title Rules" for. Once inside the "Edit Service" dialog, highlight the ministry in which you created titles. A blue link will appear at the bottom of the service window that says "Create title rules for this ministry..."
  5. Using the controls, you can specify how ministers should be scheduled for the service according to their titles. If you want at least 1 person to be Experienced but the rest of the volunteers can be either Experienced or Inexperienced, choose the section option and set to require 1 Experienced and 1 Any title. 


NOTE: Title rules must be set up before the schedule is created to take effect. If you create a schedule and then change the title rules, these settings will take effect on the following schedule. 

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