Allow Leaders to work on a schedule before it is Live


Leaders can use web-based access to schedule volunteers before a schedule is Live! This allows your Leaders to work on a schedule before it is ready, without your other volunteers being able to see it.

  1. Designate Leaders.*
  2. Create a schedule by going to the Schedules pane, selecting the "Start date:" and "End date:" of the schedule and clicking "Create...".
  3. In this new schedule, go to the File menu and then select Save.
  4. In the dialog that appears, make sure the box that says "Make this schedule live now..." is unchecked. Click OK.
  5. Email your Leaders to let them know that they can work on the new schedule.
*For licenses purchased after December 2015, Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.


NOTE: If any saved schedules in the Schedules pane of MSP have overlapping dates (including multiple schedules that cover the same date range), Leaders will not be able to view any of the dates included in the overlapping schedules. To allow Leaders to see these schedules, you will need to either change the date range of your schedules or delete the additional schedule(s) so that there is no overlap.
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