Make it easy for volunteers to access important resources online


Keep important documents and resources at your volunteers' fingertips! If you have ministry guidelines, a waiver, or other documents that you want to make easily accessible to your volunteers, add it as a "global resource" in MSP! Volunteers will be able to easily access the important information when they view their schedules online.

  1. Go to the Schedules pane in MSP and open your live schedule.
  2. Click on a date in the calendar, click on a service to highlight it, and then click the "Edit plan..." button.
  3. On the Service Planner, click the "Add another resource..." button below the resources area
  4. Name the resource, click to select the file from your computer, and check the box at the bottom that says, "Attach this resource to all services". Now when volunteers view any service, they will be able to access this global resource!
NOTE: Leaders can also upload resources to share with volunteers! Check out this video tutorial, which demonstrates how Leaders use the Web Terminal.
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