Customizing the "Quick view" in the Volunteers pane


The "Quick view" allows you to see your volunteers' contact and scheduling parameters without having to click the "Edit Volunteer..." button. The information shown in the "Quick view" area can be customized to display important information that would be beneficial to have access to when scrolling through your list of ministers.

  1. Start in the Volunteers pane and click the word "customize" that appears in the upper right corner of the "Quick view" box on the right side of the window.
  2. In the new dialog that opens, you can use the "Add" and "Remove" buttons to move the fields you wish to be displayed. Once the fields you would like to appear are in the "Fields to show:" column, you can rearrange how the information appears by dragging and dropping the fields in the correct order with your mouse.

NOTE: Depending on the size of the MSP window, you can have anywhere between 7 - 10 fields fit in the "Quick view" section.
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