Using "Schedule this ministry autonomously" to even out distribution


If you're concerned about everyone getting a fair chance to serve within a particular ministry, you may consider turning on the "Schedule this ministry autonomously" setting. By default, MSP will schedule volunteers most in the ministries which need them the most and least in those that need them the least. By activating this setting, MSP will balance volunteers' scheduled services within the ministry, as opposed to trying to balance their overall service load, which will result in a more even service distribution within the ministry for which the autonomous option is on.

The "Schedule this ministry autonomously" option is set on a per-ministry basis, and can be especially helpful in evening out distribution in ministries where people are only scheduled occasionally (e.g. the Reader Ministry). By default, some ministers might miss out on these important services because they are qualified and being scheduled in other ministries, while others are not. When you turn the "Schedule this ministry autonomously" on, MSP will not consider the other ministries in which ministers are or are not qualified when distributing services in the autonomous ministry.

  1. Go into the Ministries pane in either the desktop software, or in the Admin view of the Web Terminal if you have made yourself a Web Admin.
  2. Click on one of your ministries and choose to edit it by clicking "Edit Ministry..." in the desktop software, or clicking on the pencil icon in the Admin view of the Web Terminal.
  3. Check the box that says "Schedule this ministry autonomously". MSP will give you an explanation of what this feature does, you can click "OK". If you are using subdivisions, this option will apply for each individual subdivision, meaning you may need to turn it on for additional subdivisions by clicking on them in the list above and then selecting the option below. 

NOTE: If this option is turned on in all ministries, each volunteer's total number of assigned positions in each ministry will be similar. However, the overall distribution of assigned positions in a scheduling period may be skewed for those volunteers qualified in multiple ministries.
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