View and manage your MSP subscription contacts and installations online!


Log in to your account online to see contacting information and a list of which computers have MSP downloaded and installed. Messages from MSP sent to these contacts include renewal reminders, scheduling tips, and system update information so keeping them up-to-date will improve our communication with you. 

Primary contact

The primary contact on your account is the only one who can reset the password, and therefore controls who has access to MSP.

Updating the primary contact can be done from the Licensing pane within the downloaded administrator program, or can be updated online in the "license information" area: 


Number of computers

In the same "license information" area, you can see the total number of available installations for your subscription, as well as the number being used. For our Online & Plus Edition users, 4 installations are included. If you are paying for more than 4, confirm that all of those installations are currently being used.


If you have 4 or less "Registered computers" but have more than 4 as your "Maximum computers", you can email to reduce your number of installations before your next renewal. 


As computers are replaced or new schedulers come on board, you can remove old installations from the Licensing pane of the computer itself or in the "manage installations" area of your account online:


Installations with incorrect contact information can be updated in that MSP installation by selecting the Licensing pane. The Administrator password will need to be entered to complete that update.

NOTE: To register MSP on a new computer, simply download the program from our website.

Billing contact

A separate billing contact can be entered in "billing settings" at the top of the account window. Reminders about maintenance expiration are sent to both the primary contact email and the billing contact email.


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