Use MSP's preconfigured email template to easily request updates to volunteers' availability before the next scheduling cycle


MSP includes preconfigured email templates that help you communicate with volunteers throughout the entire scheduling cycle. Using the "Availability Update Request" template, you can quickly alert volunteers of the new scheduling period and confirm their preferences and availability before running the next schedule.

  1. Start in the Announcements pane inside of MSP and click the "+" button at the top, select "Templates" and "Preconfigured," and then choose "Availability Update Request".
  2. Click the "Preview" button at the bottom of the window to set the {{CutOffDate}}, {{NextScheduleStartDate}}, and {{NextScheduleEndDate}} tokens with the appropriate dates.
    Note: Cut off date refers to the last day you plan to let volunteers submit changes.
  3. Click on the name of a volunteer to see a preview of the email and verify everything looks as expected. Click the "Send to..." button to send this out.
NOTE: You can edit the template to make it suitable for your church and volunteers.

BONUS: There is also a "Availability Update Reminder" template that you can send your volunteers a few days before the cut off date, as well as other great templates such as "Reset User Password" that will help you easily and quickly stay in touch with your volunteers.
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