Include phone numbers on schedules to foster communication among scheduled volunteers


When exporting schedules or posting schedules online for volunteers, you can optionally include volunteers' phone numbers next to their name. Including phone numbers makes it easy for members to connect and get quick answers to their questions. You can optionally limit schedule exports by ministry or service time, to ensure phone numbers are only seen by those in the appropriate group.

  1. Open the current schedule that you'd like to export or post online.
  2. Click on the File menu from the schedule window and select "Export Schedule..." or "Create an additional live schedule post...".
  3. In the Export or Online layout and options dialog that opens, click on the Name Modifiers section on the left. In this section, check the box that says, "Put each volunteer's phone number in parenthesis after their name."
NOTE: To generate a schedule for just a particular ministry or service time, use the appropriate options in the Included Ministries or Include Services panes found in the same Export Schedule or Online layout and options dialog.
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