How can I post Live schedules to my church's website for everyone to see?


Live schedules reflect all information in real-time, including swaps and new assignments. By making this Live schedule accessible on your church's website, it is easy to keep everyone up to date, including parents and church staff who may not have access to the Web Terminal.

  1. First, you will need to create a Live Schedule Post.
  2. Once you have a Live Schedule Post, you will need to go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP, and then click on the Full Schedules tab.
  3. Select the schedule you would like to post on your website from the box at the top of the window. Click the View button just to the right of that box.
  4. A new dialog will pop up with instructions - click the "Copy Link" button, then open an email and go to Edit - Paste to paste the link. You'll then want to send this email to your church's webmaster so he or she can post the link on your site.


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