Making seasonal changes to Service Times in the middle of a schedule


You can account for seasonal changes in service times or ministry requirements that take place in the middle of a schedule by first creating a schedule skeleton with the time and / or ministry settings that correspond to the first part of the schedule.

You can then edit each service that has a different time or ministry requirements.

  1. Select the day from the calendar
  2. Click on the service
  3. Click on the "Edit Service..." button
  4. Adjust the time and / or ministry requirements as appropriate.
  5. You can delete unneeded services completely by selecting them and then clicking the "Delete Service..." option from the Schedule drop-down menu.

If during the next schedule you run, all the services will have the new settings (as opposed to just the second part of the schedule), you should make the appropriate adjustments in the Service Times heading on the left hand side of MSP's main screen. That way you will not need to manually edit each instance of the services in the schedule skeleton window so that they are scheduled with the new settings.

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