Error Message (Mac): “The file at Library/Application Support/MinistrySchedulerPro/…” can’t be written”


Close MSP, go to the location referenced in the error and delete the file referenced in the error. Generally is a permissions issue, and deleting then re-opening MSP will resolve.

To find the MSP folder on a Mac:

  1. Open a new Finder window 
  2. If you have your Macintosh HD listed under Devices skip to step 7
  3. If not, at the top of the screen, select Finder and then choose Preferences…
  4. In Finder preferences, go to the Sidebar section
  5. Find and select Hard Disks under devices, then close the preferences window
  6. You should now see your Macintosh HD under devices
  7. Select your Macintosh HD and open the Library folder
  8. Then the Application Support folder
  9. The Ministry Scheduler Pro folder will be located here
  10. Delete the file referenced in the error

If the error persists you will need to completely delete your MSP folder and reinstall the program.

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