Error on importing: “Line X of that file contains the wrong number of values…”


When I try to import a spreadsheet, I get a message that says: 

Line 1 of that file contains the wrong number of values. It contains 6 tab- or comma-separated values but the list of fields to import is 4 fields long. There must be exactly one comma or separated value for each field to import. Would you like to skip this line and continue or cancel the importation altogether?

However, my spreadsheet has the correct number of columns.


In this case, it is usually the result of having a spreadsheet with more information than you needed and deleting until you have only the information you need. However, since .csv files are sensitive to data even if it is empty, we may not have deleted enough. 

First, be sure that the number of columns you have in the spreadsheet and the number of columns listed match. 

If the number of columns matches exactly, open the .csv file. Look at the error and count how many extra values it says are appearing. Delete that many of empty columns starting with the column immediately to the left of the last column. Save the .csv file and import again. 

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