Allow Leaders to add new volunteers to MSP


If you want Leaders to be able to add new volunteers to MSP but do not want volunteers to be able to add themselves, we can use a combination of Enrollment Forms and Custom Tokens to accomplish this: 

Set up the Enrollment Form

First, we will want to set up the Enrollment Form. You can use the Enrollment Forms video to do this, but be sure to check these settings: 

  • Be sure that you do NOT check the option to "Put a 'Sign up now' link to the enrollment form on the Web Terminal login page"
  • Select to process these automatically
  • Copy the Enrollment form link from the settings area

Create a Custom Token

Next, we are going to create a custom token that will only show the Enrollment Form link to volunteers who are qualified as a Leader. 

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click on "Settings..." in the lower left corner
  3. Choose "Token options..."
  4. Uncheck the box in the far lower left corner that reads "Show only tokens that are included in the content of this tab"
  5. Click on Custom Tokens
  6. Click New
  7. Name the token L_enroll or something similar
  8. In the body of the token, type instructions for your leaders and then use the link option in the "Style" menu to link the text to the enrollment form URL you copied when setting up the form
  9. Check the box that reads "Only show this token for volunteers passing | this filter...". If the Edit Filter window does not open, click on the words "this filter...".
  10. On the left-hand side of the Edit Filter window, scroll down until you find the "Admin access" filter, then click on it.
  11. Make sure the filter is set to "Are Leader", then click "OK" 2 times to return to the Web Terminal pane.

Add the Token to the Home Tab of the Web Terminal 

Now we are going to add the token to the Home page of the Web Terminal so Leaders see it when they log in. 

  1. On the Home page, add the token {{L_enroll}}
  2. Click Commit Changes


Now, if you log in as a Leader, you will see the enrollment link, but other volunteers cannot! The Leader can fill out the form and since it is set to process automatically, those volunteers will appear in MSP and they can add them to the schedule. 

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