How can I define the different roles I want a volunteer to perform in a ministry?


If you have a ministry that has many different responsibilities filled by different people, you can outline those responsibilities by using subdivisions or labels in MSP. 

Labels are easy to set up and allow you to indicate which volunteer is assigned to which position using a predefined numbering or labeling system. More can be found in the article "Setting up labels".

Subdivisions are similar to labels, but allow you to have more control over each. More can be found in the article "Setting up subdivisions".

Subdivisions and labels can be used together to add additional functionality. For example, a Greeter ministry can be subdivided by the door where they are stationed, or EMs can be assigned to the cup or host positions by subdivision as well as numbered using labels to number the positions:

For more information on when to use subdivisions instead of labels, see this article: 

When should I use subdivisions instead of labels?

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