How can I review the MSP volunteer app during a trial period?


To view the app during a trial period, first make sure you have an MSP database set up and a schedule that is live. 

Download the app

Download the app on the App Store or Play Store on your device (search for "Ministry Scheduler Pro")

Finding your Organization ID

Your Organization ID is the same as your Church Web Identifier, and this is what makes your MSP database unique. The Organization ID appears in the Web Terminal URL your volunteers use and is necessary for volunteers to start using the MSP App!

Click on the Licensing pane on the left side of the MSP window, and here you will find your Church Web Identifier, which again is the same as the Organization ID.


Finding a volunteer's username and password


  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane
  2. Click "Login as..."
  3. Select the name of the volunteer
    If a new window opens, close the window. 
  4. Under the list of volunteers, you will see the username and password

Note: We recommend using your own volunteer profile or that of a fake volunteer, as you will be asked to update the password when you first log in, and you do not want to reset the password of an active volunteer. 


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