Scheduling ministries for different time periods


Do you have one ministry that schedules on a quarterly basis, but others that schedule monthly? Using MSP, you can accommodate for multiple schedules using one of many methods. 

To make this clearer, let's say our Greeters are scheduled quarterly, and our Readers are scheduled monthly. 

If the longer schedule is on rotation: 

If the ministry that is on the longer schedule (Greeters) is done using rotations, you can use Teams or Preassignments to make sure that their schedule carries over to future schedules. Just set up the rotating pattern and each time you create a monthly schedule, the volunteers will appear in their rotating positions! 

If the schedules are done manually or using the auto-scheduler: 

In this case, you will want to create the schedule for the longer time period, for example, Jan - Mar for Q1. Fill in the schedule as you normally would for the Greeters. You can use the auto-scheduler for just this one ministry by choosing "All empty positions in just particular ministries..." and then selecting the Greeter ministry. 

Once you are confident in your Greeter schedule, then move on to only scheduling the first month of the longer schedule, January. Again, you can use the auto-scheduler for only this time period by clicking the "Show more options..." button in the lower left corner of the scheduling box and then choosing "All empty positions in services I select or during a time period of my choosing..." to select only those services between Jan 1 and Jan 31. 

When you are ready to do the February schedule, you will use the steps above to limit the auto-scheduler to February 1 - 28. 

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